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Dustin Martin Viral Video

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Dustin Martin Viral Video


Dustin Martin viral video is trending on social media now a days.

Richmond star Dustin Martin is now trending because of his viral video.

In his video he can be seen scrabbling a women’s br3@st from behind.

The video appears to show a young-looking Martin reaching around from behind the woman.

He is grabbing her br3@st as she sits on the lap of another gentleman.

Before looking deep into the issue first we are going to tell you who the young guy is???

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Who is Dustin Martin?

Dustin Martin is an Australian rule professional footballer.

He is playing for Richmond football club in Australian Football League.

Dusty made his AFL debut in the opening round of 2010 session.

He was born on 26 June 1991. His nick name is Dusty and he is 6ft 2in tall.

He is playing as midfielder and forward in the team.

In December 2015, Martin was accused of making threat to a women to stab her with chopstick at a Japanese restaurant.

He had suffered from anxiety and depression in 2018.

He described an empty feeling after achieving his professional goals in his extraordinary 2017 season.

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Dustin Martin le@ked video

A video showing Dustin Martin scrabbling a topl3ss women’s  br3@st is under investigation.

The footage shows Martin walking up behind the woman and touching her br3@st, allegedly without consent

The AFL is said to be ‘seeking further information’ and league CEO Gillon McLachlan has described the vision as ‘a poor look’ for the competition.

You all are curious for watching the full video of Dustin Martin scrabbling a t0pl3ss women.

If you want to see the full video you can follow the link.

Warning :(NSFW content.)

Stay tuned to watch more spicy videos and gossips.





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