Hennessy Marie Miami Video

Hennessy Marie Miami video


Hennessy Marie Miami video viral on Twitter and reddit now a days.

Many of people want to enjoy the supersonic phenomenon which is badly trending on social media.

Its is very common now a days that a small act of any one is getting popular on social media because its social media era.

Lets us come to the topic that what happened to the man who is captured by Hennessy Marie.

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Hennessy Marie video on Twitter

Hennessy Marie is a Miami-based, transgender influencer on Twitter (@hennessytells) .

Instagram (@hennessymariagain) who in October 2022 became known for exposing straight men from Miami and Broward County, Florida for having intercourse with her and sending her explicit messages including d!ck pics.

Her reputation for exposing men became notorious in late 2022, sparking memes on Twitter and TikTok.

Many Broward county rappers and hip-hop artists  included in the exposure including F.O.B. Pook.

Many of the men started posting lie detector test and polygraph videos in response.

She is said to be originally from New York City.

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Online history

It’s unknown when Hennessy Marie started posting to social media, however, her flurry of posting and exposing straight men started on October 12th, 2022, on her Instagram Story.

She started exposing men.On October 13th, 2022, she spread her posting to Twitter

When she tweeted a video of a young Black man sleeping, captioning it, “BD😋,” which is an abbreviation for “Baby Daddy,”

Someone’s baby daddy that she was exposing. In less than a day, the video received roughly 273,200 views.

Throughout the day on October 13th, 2022, Hennessy Marie continued to post photos, videos, screenshots and screen-recordings to Twitter of men that had engaged with her under the pretense of s3x.

She parallel posted all of her tweets to Instagram as well. Marie tweeted, “yes i f****ed Pook. twice,” on October 13th, 2022, again, in reference to Broward county rapper F.O.B. Pook. The tweet received over 850 likes in a day.

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