How To Improve Your Communication Skills?

How To Improve Your Communication Skills?

How To Improve Your Communication Skills?
How To Improve Your Communication Skills?

It is said  “Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.” Whenever we go anywhere we have to communicate to others to fulfill our needs, to go through to our work or to express ourselves.

Communication is the medium of exchanging ideas, thoughts, feelings and words. The best way to communicate to one another is exchange of words. Then a question came in mind that what to say? How to say? Where to say what? All these questions are related to just one answer that what should we say that help us to express effectively.

Here we are talking about best ways to communicate. In my little opinion there are very easy methods that help us to communicate effectively.

1. Improve your listening 

It is commonly said that a good listener is a good speaker. When we listen something we have vocabulary as well as heap of words to tell anything to anyone. When it comes to a little kid that cannot speak he listen first. Then he start comprehending the words and actions. Then he start talking. That is why for good communication we have to listen first then we have words, ideas and thoughts to tell anybody anything.

2. Observe your surroundings 

If we comes to scientific method of daily life we know that observation is the key to any procedure. We observe first then we come to know what problem we are facing. Same is the case with communication. We observe first then we come to know what is going on in our surroundings. And when we come to know we can express our feelings about any phenomenon.

3. Try to speak without hesitation

One more thing that disturb our communication is the fear that if we are talking correctly or not. This hesitation pays a vital roll in communication gap between the persons. We should try to speak whether we are speaking correctly or not. If we don’t try we will not succeed in any zone of life but if we try we can get whatever we want.

4. Think before speaking 

Thinking can help us to understand the topic easily. In the same way thinking can help us what we are going to say to anyone. If we want to speak effectively and if we want to convey our feelings or thoughts effectively we have to think first. If we think we can go through pros and cons 9f any if the topic and we can easily deliver the topic as well.

5. Note down the ideas

Some people have problem that they forgot what they are going to say. The solution of this problem is very easy. Whenever and whatever thought come in your mind note it  down in a diary. This will help to gather your thoughts in a place where they are safe and ready to deliver to any body.

6. Do mirror practice 

Mirror practice is very common and easy methods to describe our thoughts in a meaningful way. We can see ourselves in a mirror that what we are saying and how we are looking at that time.  In speech body language is very important because our body movements can help us to describe our point if view easily.

7. Relax body language 

While speaking or delivering any topic body language is very much important tool. Our body language shouldn’t be strict or stiff that the person who is in front of us can not Express or tell anything to us. Body language should be relax that anybody feel relax to communicate with you.

8. Keep eye contact 

While speaking to anybody our contact is very important part. Whether we are giving an interview or taking it our wye contact pays a vital roll in it. This shows our confidence level that we are feeling confident in delivering our thoughts aur while listening to anybody we are confident.

9. Use simple language 

Try to use as simple language as you can. Selection of words should be very simple that anybody can understand your thoughts and words. Same is the case selection of simple words can express your feelings easily that anyone can understand them.

10. Speak short but brief

It is very important in a speech that our sentence should be short and meaningful to understand. Short and comprehensive speech is more effective than a detailed description that make us bore and tired.

These are some little techniques to improve your communication skills. Stay tuned for more great ideas to Have a nice day ahead.




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