Ned Fulmer cheating video trending on Twitter

Ned Fulmer cheating video trending on Twitter

Ned Fulmer cheating video trending on Twitter
Ned Fulmer

Being in a relationship is great blessing of God. It’s a great pleasure and feeling that someone loves you. Now a days a news is spreading on Twitter and reddit about Ned Fulmer.

He caught in camera cheating his wife Ariel Fulmer. The spokesman said that he loves his wife so much and there are so many videos of them together.

In this situation caught on camera with an employee is strange and wild spreading news.

Before moving towards more details first we have to know about Ned Fulmer and his wife Ariel Fulmer.

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Who is Ned Fulmer?

Ned Fulmer cheating video trending on Twitter
Ned Fulmer and Ariel Fulmer

Ned was born on 5th June 1987 in Jacksonville Florida on about 10:50. Now he is living in Los Angeles. His height is 5’10 , eye colour is green and hair are blonde. His spouse name is Ariel Fulmer. He has two kids named Wesley Fulmer and Finn Fulmer.

Ned Fulmer’s professional life

He was a chemist by profession before moving towards this field. He is came to Los Angeles and join The Try Guys , an American YouTube channel.

They are four guys who are working for the company BuzzFeed and then they separated themselves from the company in 2018 and started The Try Guys and now they have thousands of employees.

Their genre in comedy and they have 10 series about having 500+ lists of episodes.  The country of origin is United States of America and language is English.  They have won many awards and gain appreciation from viewers.

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Ned Cheated his wife

The hot issue was that Ned Fulmer cheated his wife Areil Fulmer with one of his employee named Alexandera Herring.  The story began when one of the fan make video of Ned and Alexandera and send to Ned’s wife.

Fan were anxious to know the face when in September Ned was not in The Try Guys new YouTube video. When his wife come to know the phenomenon she deleted all the pics in which she and Fulmer together.

It was a rumour or its originally happened it’s all about to be checked still. Stay tuned for more Informations on