Ray J reveals his and Kim Kardashian’s s3x t@pe contract

Ray J reveals his and Kim Kardashian’s s3x t@pe contract

Ray J reveals his and Kim Kardashian's s3x t@pe contract
Ray J and Kim Kardashian’s contract

He doubled down on his claims that it was Kris Jenner’s ‘idea’ to release his 2007 s3x t@pe with her daughter Kim Kardashian.

As he shared a lengthy rant aimed at the family.

The 41-year-old singer shared several Instagram posts on Saturday.

He threatened to sue both of the stars for defamation, and uploaded a shorter clip where he stated:

‘You have f***ed with the wrong person.’

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Who is Ray J??

Ray J reveals his and Kim Kardashian's s3x t@pe
Ray J

Ray’s (born William Ray Norwood Jr.) fiery rants came after 66-year-old reality star Kris took a lie detector test on The Late Late show with James Cordon on Thursday,

and denied that she ‘helped’ her daughter release the s3x t@pe.

On Saturday night, the younger brother of Brandy Norwood released a 44 minutes video,

sharing numerous Instagram DMs he exchanged with Kim, 41, in April.

‘You know what we did! Your mom controlled this whole s3x t@pe deal with Joe Francis and [Vivid CEO] Steve Hirsch –

it was her idea to put out the tape with Vivid. All I did was agree,’ Ray wrote on April 14.

Now you want to make it seem like I’m doing it again without your control.

All those fake tears. Your fans trusting you to be honest and sincere but it’s all fake for the cameras.

I was playing my part until you started doing all of this!

‘What are you trying to ruin me when you know I was just a player in this! You have to stop believing you own lies!

I have to let the world know the real [because] you’ve taken it too far now.

Somebody needs to explain the play you are doing to me ASAP or I will have no choice but to protect my brand and family and exp0se real.’

Kim replied that she didn’t say a single bad thing about him in the episode,

which depicted the “new footage” that was allegedly going to be leaked by Ray’s manager Wack 100.