Shanquella Robinson Maxico fight video

Shanquella Robinson Maxico fight video


Shanquella Robinson Maxico fight video is the most trending topic of social media platforms.

The latest news is trending all over the globe like rapid fire. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA the incident happened.

A girl is died because her friend attacked at her when they were in a villa where they reached just before 24 hours. The family of Shanquella told that police tell the Shanquella was died because of over intake ok alcohol.

After that autopsy report told that the neck of Shanquella was fractured and her spine was cracked. Before moving further let us first come to know that what was real incident??

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What happens to Shanquella???

Shanquella went to ville in Coba for fun. She was with her friends there. After being reached there her death report was arrived. The police told that she was died because of alcohol intoxication. Further more autopsy reports shocked everyone in which it was written that her neck and spine was fractured.

A video is circulating that her 2 years old friend beated her fiercely on a room when she was nacked.  Another friend shot a video of her when other friend was beating her. She beated her so badly even she was driven to death.

Shanquella Robinson’s parents Salamondra and Bernard were informed that alcohol intoxication was the cause of her death. However, a shocking video shows a woman repeatedly beating Shanquella Robinson as she is naked in a room.

One person wrote on Twitter, “This is so evil.” “That’s disturbing & I hope the family gets justice,” another added. Someone wrote, “It’s so sad how people would secretly hate you and start plotting on you! She was invited on the trip because they had all this plotted already..within 24hrs of arriving she’s dead? No way.”

If you want to watch the fill video you can click the following link. 

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