Tutu and Siah fight video

Tutu and Siah fight video


Tutu and Siah fight video is trending topic of social media platforms today.

Two girls named Tutu and Siah fought for some reasons and somebody viral their video on social media platforms.

Where there are two or more than two persons , the contradiction is very much normal phenomenon.

This same is happening  in the video. Two girls fought badly. They assumed as friends or envoys. Whatever isnthe reason , the fight is very much funny as well.

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Tutu and Siah Fight Details

The hot issue on social media was fight of two girls named Tutu and Siah. This became popular because both are girls. Boys gangs and troops fights are very much common phenomenon but this was incredible because both the contestants were girls.

The fight started when Tutu , a black girl who had worn grey top and black trousers invited the other girl named Siah for fighting with her.

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When Siah came for fighting , Tutu started beating her badly and put off her shirt as well.

In the mean while the girls group who was with Siah started removing her trousers as well and make her n@ked infront of people.

This make her cry because she was revealed in front of public. This was NSFW as well as funny content because fighting is unusual.

Of you want to see the full video of Fighting of Tutu and Siah click the following link. 

Warning (NSFW content and funny as well)