Best Skincare Routine For Winter

Best Skincare Routine For Winter

Best Skincare Routine For Winter
Best Skincare Routine For Winter

Winter season is very much challenging for all of us in all aspects. The major impact of winter season is on skin. No matter what type of skin you have ,winter give a visible effect on all type of skins. Cool breeze not only give dry impact but also damage skin tissues and make them dead. Dirty air fill up open pores with dust particles which results in pimples and black heads. All these problems can be solved by caring the skins properly. Today we will discuss the problems and solutions of this problem.

1. Moisturize your skin

It is very important to moisturize the skin whether its winter or summer. This is a common mistake that we think moisturizers are for winter only. But in winter skin needs extra moisture for nourishing. One more important thing is that use the moisturizer which suits your skin. Moisturizer make a layer of protection against harsh weather and make skin healthy and soft.

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2. Clean skin properly 

The foremost important thing in winter is that you have to properly clean the skin specifically before going to bed. Cleaning is very much important because in winter season there is so much dust in atmosphere. This dust fill up the pores and this results in pimples and black heads. So try to use double cleanser to remove dust from skin. Use a good cleaning milk or water base cleanser according to skin type for this purpose.

3. Luke warm water

Use of Luke water instead of cold or warm water help the skin to clean properly and do not damage the skin tissues. It make the skin feel comfortable also. Try to use Luke warm water for washing face , hands and feet as well. Limitize the use of soap because soap give dryness to the skin and this dryness results in rupture.

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4. Use sunblock regularly 

Use of sunblock is the key element in skin care. It is just a myth that sunblock is effective just in summer because summer has a extra temperature and sun Ray’s. It is very much important to use sun block in winter because in winter  we have more sun exposure than the summer. So using sub block in winter can help to reduce harms.

5. Avoid taking long hot showers 

One common mistake that most of the people do is that we use Luke warm water for face and hand wash but we take long hot showers in winter. This is malpractice we do because it results in drying bot only body skin but face and hand skin and scalp as well. Using very hot water for shower is very harmful for skin and hair as well. Try to take bath with Luke warm water to help the skin looking younger and fresher.

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6. Stay hydrated

Water intake in winter is very hard but it is very much necessary for skin care and for stomach as well. We eat a lot in winter so it is very good for health and skin to drink water as much as we can to remain healthy and fresh. Properly hydrating the body results in fresh skin and healthy stomach. Healthy stomach also enhance the skin texture aur make you looking younger and fresher.

7. Home remedies

These are some home remedies which are very easy and effective for skin care in winter.

I. Take yogurt, sugar and honey mix them and gently massage the skin. This help to remove dead skin from body and make it look fresh.

ii. Clean the skin and apply almond oil at night. Leave it over night and wash the face with Luke warm water in the morning.  This make the skin fresh and smooth.

iii. Orange juice is very helpful for all types of skin to glow. Apply orange juice directly on skin and leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash face with luke warm water. Use it twice a week

iv. Gram flour is another helpful remedy for glow . It is also useful for all types of skin. Mix it with honey lemon juice and milk powder for dry skin and rose water for oily skin. It removes dirt and dead skin.

v. Use turmeric powder with yogurt or gram flour for glow. It is useful for dry and oily both skins. Mix it with yogurt and apply on face and hands for 15 minutes. Rinse away with Luke warm water.

There are so e useful and easy ways to get glow in winter. For more useful and easy remedy tuned to


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