How To Control Hairfall In Winter?

How To Control Hairfall In Winter?

How To Control Hairfall In Winter?
How To Control Hairfall In Winter?

Hairfall is the key problem of every one during winter season specially whether a man or a women. It is becoming a highly prevailing phenomenon because of dusty environments, pollution, lack of healthy diet, use of cheap hair products and lots of reasons.

In this brief and short article we will discuss the problems and solutions regarding hairfall in winter.

1. Use of luke warm water

This is one of the major reasons of hairfall in winter. The areas where weather  is very much cold in winter people use hot water for bathing as well as for hair wash. This is really a malpractice. Always use Luke warm water to wash your hair. This practice not only control your hair fall but also control dandruff and give shine to the hair.

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2. Dilute shampoo before washing your hair

One more malpractice is that we apply shampoo on hair directly without mixing it in water. This practice not only damages hair but also damage scalp of the head. Always use shampoo after mixing in water and apply it on the scalp and roots of the hair. Massage gently and then rinse of with luke warm water.

3. Oiling on right time

Oiling is very much necessary for hair to grow and to maintain but there is another point that oiling should be done at right time to get results. In winter weather is almost dusty everywhere and in this kind of weather oiling hair for long time is not as much useful. We should oil our hair before max 1 hour of taking bath. This practice not only supports hair growth but nourishes the hair and scalp. Oiling for long time results store dust particles in hair that bring dandruff to scalp which is one of the most strongest reason of hair fall.

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4. Use perfume less or low fume products

Hair products should contain very much low perfume or they should be fume less because sharp fumes causes hair fall and hair damage. It is one of the major reasons in grey hair process. Always use mild fune shampoos and conditioners so that hair loss should be controlled.

5. Hair conditioner on roots 

One more malpractice is that most of the people use gair conditioners on scalp and roots of the hair. This is totally wrong. The right way to use hair conditioner is that we should use it on lengthen ends of the hair avoiding roots and scalp. This practice reduces hair fall and strengthen hair. This help in detangling hair smoothly.

6. Avoid wet hair detangling 

One more practice in winter that we detangle hair as soon as we come out from the washroom because we are feeling cold. We detangle and use hair dryer so that we can tie our hair. This practice is totally wrong. We always brush our hair when they become dry. And always start detangling from lengthen end and not from roots.

7. Use oiling sprays

The best product for winter is oil sprays which are easily available in markets now a days. We should use oil hair sprays for hair. These sprays not only nourishes hair but also we can brush our hair smoothly after applying this. These are not as much sticky as the oil is and they are very much easy to use. They hot only support to reduce hairfall but they can fulfill oil requirements of the hair and make them strong and healthy.

These are some easy tips and tricks for winter season to control hair fall. For more exciting tips stay tuned to