Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Conceive Baby

Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Conceive Baby

Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Conceive Baby
Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Conceive Baby

The most common causes of infertility are genetic disorders, PCOS, putting on extra weight, having less body weight , unhealthy diet and many more. Some of them are unsolvable but most of them can be solved by just changing our life style and routine.

Here we are discussing some common causes that are giving hurdles in pregnancy.

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1. Maintain BMI

BMI stands for body mass index. A person with healthy life style have BMI between 18 to 24. Less than 18 you will be considered under weight and above 24 you will be considered over weight. Is is calculated by your weight and height. If you want to Conceive baby naturally you have to maintained your BMI level so that this process be easily and handy for you.

2. Control Obesity 

Obesity is one of the major reasons that is the major cause of not getting pregnant. If you put on weight and fats it will contract uterus walls and you experience obesity. If you want to conceive baby easily you will have to control obesity and this will help you to have baby soon.

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3. Avoid Intense Exercise 

Extra workout is gym is one of the major reasons that you are not conceiving the baby. Intense running, aerobics, swimming, or biking makes it harder to get pregnant even if you’re at a healthy weight. But if you’re overweight, exercise can help you shed pounds and improve your odds for pregnancy.

4. Make Multivitamins a Habit 

It is wrong perceptions that multivitamins is a source to gain weight. In fact it is the easiest source to get energy and boost. It will not only helps you to get a chance for pregnancy but also it is helpful in fetus growth. As well as avoid excessive use of multivitamins and take onle the dose that doctor recommends you.

5. Always Remember Ovulation Days

In Asia and specially in subcontinent there is a myth that having intercourse right after periods increases the chance to get pregnant. It’s not true. Having intercourse at right time can increase pregnancy chances and the right time is your ovulation time period. You can calculate this time according to your cycle and in these days your eggs are ready to hatch and this is the best time to conceive a baby.

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6. Couple Checkup 

The society to which we belong everyone consider that if a couple dont have a baby the woman should be treated or she has to take medicines and consult doctor regularly. On the other hand the couple should go the consultant and treat equally if there is no pregnancy for too long. There cam be a problem with male and not only female. So it is better to get checkup from doctor both male and female.

7. Make Sure Correct Lying Position 

To increase your chances of pregnancy, the woman can lay on her back with her hip slightly elevated, after ejaculation. This position will retain the semen in her vagina and increase the chances of it entering the body.

These are some very common practices we can do to conceive baby as soon as possible. Stay connected to www.cooozi.com for more informative and exciting news and ideas.


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