How To Play Fortnite?

How To Play Fortnite?

How To Play Fortnite?
How To Play Fortnite ?

Fortnite fever is wide spreading social media phenomenon now a days. Everyone is talking about playing Fortnite. Even I thought I’ll start playing Fortnite but the very first question that comes across my mind is that what is the game and how to play it? This question makes me feel that almost every person who is not playing yet wants to know about the game area well as wants to know how to play the game. So here we will first see what is Fortnite and then we will discuss how a beginner starts playing it.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is developed by Epic Games. It is an online game which is developed in 2017 first. It is now available in three different modes but same game engine.

Fortnight Battle Royale is the first mode of free game play that contains 100 players to fight in which winner is the last standing person is the winner. It was the first mode which is launched in 2017.

Fortnite Save the World is the second mode of the game. This mode is the cooperative hybrid tower defense shooter mode. It is survival game in which up to four players like zombies type creature fight and defend objects. They also defend their builds.

Fortnite Creative is the third mode of this game play. This mode is free to build and create your own world and play arenas and fights of your own.

The first two modes, Save the World and Battle Royale were released in 2017 while the third mode Fortnite Creative was released in December 2018.

Among three of the modes Fortnite Creative and Fortnite Save the world are popular modes but Battle Royale is the most successful mode in the sense of earning. It draw 125 million people in less than an year. Fortnite as a whole generated $9 billion in gross revenue up until December 2019.

Who to play Fortnite as a beginner?

There is a complete video for the beginners who recently started playing Fortnite. You will learn from this video that how can you start to play the game.




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