How To Start Your Little Kitchen Garden at Home?

How To Start Your Little Kitchen Garden at Home?

How To Start Your Little Kitchen Garden at Home?
How To Start Your Little Kitchen Garden at Home?

Kitchen garden is one one of the best way to release your stress and making you feel comfortable at your doorstep. It is one of the best relaxing activities which you can do easily and happily. It is a good news for those who are interested in growing plants and having organic food as their part of life. Here we will discuss that how can we make a little kitchen garden in our backyard and even there where backyard is not available.

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1. Decide a place

First step is you have to decide a proper place for your kitchen garden. You have to choose the place which should be airy and enlightened. Sunlight and fresh air is very necessary for proper growth of plants. Kitchen garden contains outdoor plants so they will not properly grown indoors. If you are living on first floor or onwards you can use your balcony for the purpose.

2. Make your place ready

Once you decided the place you have to make it ready for the purpose. It means you have to select soil for your garden. You should mix soil with a little bit sand to grow proper plants. When you mix soul with sand the plant feel comfortable to grow because sand is not hard. Soil is bit hard for saplings to grow.

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3. Use organic fertiliser 

Now a days the use of organic foods trend is rising rapidly. In ancient times the only way to nourish plants was organic fertiliser. Organic fertilizers contain plant- or animal-based materials that are either a byproduct or end product of naturally occurring processes, such as animal manure and composted organic materials. It is very good from health point of view.

4. Make beds or take flower pots

For kitchen garden you have to make your beds ready with soil and fertiliser.  And if you don’t have space you have to make flower pots ready for the purpose. Once they became ready you should water them. Water mixed the soil and fertiliser and now your place is ready.

5. Plant seeds

It’s the time to plant seeds. If you are beginner and planting for the very first time you should plant tomatoes, coriander, spinach, green chillies and brinjals. These are not only easy to grow but suitable for all kind of environment as well. Tomatoes seeds takes 8 to 10 days to grow in saplings. Fresh tomato seeds can be used to grow. Green chillies needs dry seeds. Take green chilli and make it dry or take dried chillies. Plant their seeds not below 5cm. Spread coriander and spinach seeds on the ground or in the flower pots. It will take a week to grow if there is moderate temperature. If the temperature is less than 25 degrees Celsius it will take 2 weeks to grow.

6. Take care from birds and insects

When the sprouts start appearing from ground there is a problem that birds and insects starts disturbing them. Now it’s the time to take care of them. You can cover them with net or thin clothes to avoid this activity. It you plant seeds in beds you can put spiny plants on it to cover it so birds dont take sprout as their food. To avoid insects you can sprinkle insects killer powder in the soil so the insects dont pick the seeds.

7. Water them daily 

When you plant your seeds water them daily. Water them frequently so the soil dont become dry and hard because dry and hard soil is not for sprouts. Sprouts are very delicate and they die very easily if we dont water them regularly. Water them at right time. Dont water the plants when it is complete sunshine. Water them early morning or after sunset.

I hope this article will help you out to start kitchen garden at home. For more information stay tuned to


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