Nacho Flight Twitter video

Nacho Flight Twitter video


Nacho Flight Twitter video is trending topic of social media platform.

On social media, the Nacho Flight video is quickly gaining a lot of attention. The nacho flight video has gone viral, but it’s unclear who injured the man in the background and what exactly happened.

The Nacho Flight video is popular on Twitter. After a capturing incident at a pizza store, CCTV footage from that location surfaced.

The nacho flying video will be discussed in this paragraph, along with an explanation of what transpired there.

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Coronel Pizzeria Brochetterie

Coronel Pizzaria Brochetterie is a pizza shop and restaurant in Canada. This pizza shop works seven days a week. It has crispy fried chicken and submarines as well in dinner . This shop is very much famous for fast food.

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Nacho Flight incident

Recently a video of a pizza shop “Nacho Flight video” shooting scene came out and started getting viral on social media platforms. Coronel’s pizzeria is the place where this incident took place.

Three guys in the video are present in a pizza shop, and one guy starts firing outside the shop. One was wearing a blue hoody, the second a white shirt, and the third a grey tracksuit. The shooter was also wearing a white shirt.

In the video, you can see two guys standing and buying a pizza. One was wearing a blue hoody, and the other was a white t-shirt. Then suddenly, from the corner, another boy came out. He was wearing a grey hoody and leaving the shop; the blue hood one was in the shop. Then they ran back, but the grey hoody boy became the victim of this shooting.

If you want to see the video click the following link. 

Warning: ( NSFW content)