The players will be suspended indefinitely until the investigation comes to a conclusion.

Michigan players fight

Video captured by the Detroit News showed one of two alleged incidents between the teams with an unidentified.

Michigan player being shoved and kicked by Michigan State players as they left the field.

A second video shows an even more violent part of the incident with helmets apparently being swung in the direction of a Wolverines player.

“Two of our players were assaulted,” Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh told reporters after the game. “I saw the one video; it’s 10-on-1. Pretty bad. I’m going to let our athletic director, Warde Manuel, address it with the authorities.”

Harbaugh said one player has a nasal injury from the altercation but did not name anyone involved or provide further specifics at the time.

Defensive backs Ja’Den McBurrows and Gemon Green have been identified as at least two of the Michigan players involved, according to multiple reports.

Manuel was seen after the game speaking with Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren and local authorities.

University of Michigan Police are in the process of investigating alongside Michigan State University Police, the former said in a statement Saturday night.

“What happened after the game was completely unacceptable,” Manuel said. “I talked to the commissioner and he’s looking into it. The police are also looking into it. We’ll leave it in their hands but this is not how we should interact after the game. That’s not the way another team should grab a player and do what they did. It’s completely and utterly unacceptable. We will let the Big Ten and law enforcement handle it, but this is not what a rivalry should be about. It’s not how it should be remembered.”

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