Takayo Nembhard St@bbing Video

Takayo Nembhard St@bbing Video

Takayo Nembhrad Stabbing video
Takayo Nembhard

A footballer turned rapper was killed fiercely at Notting Hill Carnival.

The news is running like fire about the rapper’s insane death by knifing.

It said that he went to carnival with his younger sister and friends to have a good time.

Who is Takayo Nembhard?

Takayo Nembhard Stabbing video
Takayo Nembhard

Mr Nembhard, who went by the stage name TKorStretch and has just under one million views across his music videos on YouTube.

He was a former youth team player at Bristol Rovers, before turning to drill rapping when he had to retire from football due to an injury.

Mr Nembhard’s manager Chris Patrick said in a statement: ‘He went to Carnival with his younger sister and friends to have a good time. This is the worst possible ending for a talented kid.’

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Takayo’s Girlfriend Tribute 

Takayo Nembhard Stabbing video
Takayo with his girlfriend


The pregnant girlfriend of a footballer-turned drill rapper named as the victim stabbed to death at Notting Hill carnival has shared a heartbreaking tribute.

The days after he made a touching video about buying snacks for her ‘cravings’.

His girlfriend is currently pregnant, with a poignant tribute saying the ‘child will never meet his father’.

And in a post to her Instagram page, she added: ‘Takayo my sweet beautiful boy, all I can ask is why over and over again. You was the most kind hearted, loving ,funny and caring person.

I’m sat here with sore eyes and a heavy heart as I’ve cried consistently for the last 12 hours while carrying your unborn son.

Will remind him daily about how great you were as a son, brother, boyfriend and friend too!

‘I love you whole heartedly and I’m so glad I get to share something so special with you and I know I’ll see you in him everyday.’

‘Held your hand yesterday for the last time as you led there lifeless and baby T kicked me straight away and it broke me.

It’s just not fair ,we live in such a cruel world. I’m so angry but I have to stay strong for the baby.

An Instagram post from.his account confirmed his death.

Watch original Takayo Nembhard St@bbing video on Twitter 

If you want to see full video of his fatal death click the following link.

Warning (NSFW content).


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